If you’re using a security gate to protect your store-front premises in New York City, you need to be well informed about the new storefront gate regulation that has been passed just recently, the NYC council came up with a decision to ban the use of solid security gates for storefronts use as from 2026.

The Council recommends the use of quality roll up metal mesh doors that are hollow and see-through in place of the solid shape more commonly in use today, all store owners that don’t have a see-through gates in their premises have between now and 2026 to get them replaced with quality grill mesh or hollow gates, metal rolling gates used by business owners for security reasons this gates are rolled down at night to get the business or the premises more protection.

Solid storefront gates are very opaque in nature if you can’t see through them they could be used to hide anything behind them, there has been a growing concern on the use of such gates, firefighters and policemen are handicapped when dealing with issues that may come up where such gates are mounted, they can’t see beyond the roll up gates when handling security issues or fires, especially during emergency situations, this is why the city council decided to come up with the new regulation.

The recommended see-through gates have many security and safety advantages over the solid ones, first is that they are transparent, you can see through the gates and into the store or commercial space, the proponents of the new bill are of the view that the mesh gates will help firefighters and policemen in carrying out their tasks during emergency situations, they can easily glance through the gates and then respond well to the situation on ground.

Peter Vallone Junior said that the new bill is going to help improves the business areas in the city and it will look more decent when the new mesh gates replace the old storefront gates, the proponents of the new bill are of the opinion that business owners still have enough time between now and 2026 to abide by the dictates of the bill.

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