Be safe protect your self and others by installing a electric gate sensor today, this safety gate sensor make’s sure that you are safe from mistakes like objects that are been left accidentally under your security gate and preventing tragedies that may occur stopping the gate from closing down if there is people under it.

Very important to know is that If your rolling gate doesn’t respond, and will not go down or open up. The gate rolled out of track, the motor stopped working, or any other reason. Do not try to operate the gate, because the roll up gate can shut down suddenly without warning and can cause a serious injury or costly damage to property the advice we can give is to  just get in touch with Roll-Up-Doors-NYC to repair it. 


Electric Gate Sensors

Our company preform full installation of safety sensors also commonly known as gate sensors, this sensors are installed to prevent possible crushing or shearing points (to prevent collision with another object) on electric gates, they can be used on sliding and rolling gates.

Wireless auto-gate safety systems use the active sensor that is carried on the gate itself to send the alarm signal to the main controller with no wires.

We are keeping our prices as low as possible in order to encourage everyone to install electric auto gate safety equipment.

So there is no excuse to compromise on your safety. CALL: (877) 575-4208