Roll-up Doors NYC provides a full range of rolling gate repair service in Queens, NY, for commercial and residential rolling gates. Usually, rolling gates will require a lot of experience, professional tools, and the know how to be fixed correctly, for that reason we have a very experienced gate technicians in Queens, that will repair your gate professionally and they will do it in most cases on the same day you call.

Roll-up doors NYC can service all types of rolling gates used in Queens including garage doors, sliding gates, and cellar doors. When your rolling gate gets broken or stop working for any reason we strongly recommend that you stop using it do not try to fix it yourself you will make the situation even worst and the cost of the repair even higher because when you keep trying to operate the rolling gate when it’s broke it will increase the problem due to elements inside the gate that you can not see that get damaged like for example the rolling gate spring and the gate motor, these components are much more expensive to fix than the gate slots/slides for example.

If your rolling gate is not closing or opening, or if an accident has occurred just stop using it, and give us a call, Roll-up Doors NYC is here to help you and fix your rolling gate and make it works like new, do not try to open or close the rolling gate because this can be dangerous to you and to others around you.  

If you have an electric rolling gate, some times the key-switch or the remote control of the rolling gate won’t work, this problem can be fixed easily and it is not so expensive however it requires some knowledge of electricity and gates and it is recommended to contact rolling gate professionals like Roll-up Doors NYC to fix it.