What are rolling doors?

Rolling doors close and open doorways by rolling door panels up and folding it above the door opening. The principle of rolling door is also used in other variants, e.g. As with roller shutters, roller garage gates, window roller blinds, roller shutters, etc.

      History of the rolling door

rolling doors nycRolling doors has been popular since the 70s and was mainly used as a substitute for the customary wooden sliding doors and for hinged doors. It was the industrial door of that time. Since then many companies has implemented rolling doors that were mainly used as industrial doors in large doorway openings for the in and out of work machinery and equipment in industrial buildings, nowadays it is also used for storefronts protection and driveways. The rolling door is made of panels consisted of single-walled steel strips that roll up the steel strip above the door opening, it is important that they were as thin and light as possible so that the rolled target was not too bulky.

Following the energy crisis of the late 70s and in view of the growing demand for better heat-insulating industrial doors in the 80s there was a need for a new kind of industrial door. The rolling door manufacturing companies correspond was to use insulating steel strips or that made from lightweight materials such as aluminium with a motor.