Roll up garage doors can be used easily, specially if it’s an electrical one, operated by operator and motor/opener,
Roll up garage doors should be inspected every few months, it is very important to ensure a good working roll up gate, to avoid costly repairs and to keep your rollup door in a good functionality for a long time.
Contact us today to restore your gate to the it’s best working condition, we replace (if needed) all roll up gate parts and accessories: jackshaft operators, sprocket, key-switches, hinges, chain, electric openers, operators, built-in reduction gear systems, low voltage motors, springs, chains and more…

Some of the most distinct roll up shutters options are:

Solid Rolling Doors:

These gate offers zero visibility and comes in 3 to 4 inch finishing. There is another category of Solid rolling doors called Perforated Finishes which is made from the same material but contains tiny holes and offer limited view of the stores’ inside.

Grille Rollup Doors:

These are perfect for locations like store fronts since these are see through and will offer a clear view of the products inside even when the store is closed.

Choose the most suitable rollup door for your residence or business from the vast variety offered only at Perfect-Gates – Roll-up Doors NYC.