Roll Up Doors NYC offers a wide range of swing gate motors including Articulated Arm Motors, Underground Motors, Ram motors and Wheel System motors. All the gate motors are basically electronic gadgets like pneumatic actuators that can easily rotate an output shaft.

To counter the issue of overheating we suggest Low Voltage motors (as low as 24Vdc) or Mains up to 230Vac but you can also opt for Hydraulic and Solar Powered gate motors. We supply all sorts of electric gate motors according to the requirement of your rolling door.

The benefits of low voltage gate motors are, however, various such as these are by-default equipped with the ability of obstacle detention, and can be easily recharged by backup batteries in case a power failure happens.

At Perfect Gates NYC, you can get all kinds of accessories related to residential or industrial rolling gates including motors, openers, gate operators, sensors, key switches, remote controls and springs of all shapes and sizes. The various sizes and power of gate motors and gate openers are primarily created to handle the opening of any gate or roll up door from residential roll up garage doors and security gate operators to heavy-duty commercial gates.