The motor is responsible for rotating the cog/chain that protruding the spring and can be seen from the box/cover’s side or under it in the center.

Keep in mind that electric motor for a swing gate is more complex than one for a sliding gate since it’s fixed on the gate posts/pillars and induce pressure on the pivot point enforcing the gate to open or close.
To apply a motor on to the sliding or swing/rollup gate, we have to measure the weight, size and frequency of usage to determine the appropriate motor/opener to be installed on to the gate.

gate center motor
In most roll up gates there is usually a similar type of motors, but for the massive industrial ones you need a side motor with good power that will handle the weight, a center motor is installed, inside the opener box/cover on to the spring itself and it used for mid to small size of gates.

Alternately you can also use belt, chains and/or a wheeled system but gate motor functioning is extraordinarily convenient and beneficial,
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