We install and repair electric gates for commercial or residential premises, and driveways, electric gates meant to safeguard spaces and they are very easy-to-use once installed, press a button or turn a key and the electric gate opening system launch into action, it’s saves time and energy and prevent unauthorized access from unwanted visitors and break-ins.

Electric gates comes with 3 main options:

1. Solid gate is not hollow or containing spaces or gaps.

2. See-through or partial see-through is a gate that contain spaces or gaps.

3. Grill gate is a one piece of steel that present a mesh.

Electric/Automatic gates have many related items, such as built-in center or side opener/motor operators, intercoms for communication, remote control systems, locks, and plenty of other related products.

Call us today (877) 575-4208 install automatic/electric or manual security gate to prevent intruders from gaining easy access to your store, upgrade your existing manual gate to electric one, repair your electric gate to a good working condition if it breaks or had an accident or if it need to be greased/maintained.