Whether you are facing issues like a stuck gate, broken springs, broken gate, broken chain, unresponsive gate opener, motor related issues, or out of track gate, we are expert in countering them all. Moreover, we also perform regular gate maintenance job at extremely economical rates. The aim of Perfect Gates team of professionals is to offer you commendable expertise, high-quality gate parts and efficient customer service without asking you to compromise on your pocket. Our entire range of rolling/rollup gates, accessories and services are reasonably charged and very budget-friendly from every aspect.

Our skilled technicians are also capable of altering the mechanism of your gate from an out-dated one to a modernized one. For instance, we can easily replace rolling gate chains with the more convenient and practical key switch openings. Similarly, to ensure that your home or business is completely safe from intruders, vandals, thieves, burglars and to make your life stress-free we also offer replacement service of all sorts of gate locks by providing ultra-modern and high-tech ones both for your motorized and manual rolling gates.

It is important to understand that a broken, non-functional gate is very dangerous from security perspective and for your own convenience sake. Therefore, you must get your gate repaired as soon as possible via Perfect Gates NYC only. Besides, whether it is a rolling gate or sliding one you must avail our gate maintenance service after every six months to get your gate inspected for any prevailing flaws and defects.