We are a renowned supplier of electric gate openers In Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn The Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and the NYC metropolitan area, one of the advantages of an electric gate over manual gate is that is more aesthetically appealing, durable and easy to handle, Perfect-Gates professional gate technicians restore, fix and provide solutions to all sorts of electric gates problems, installing single or multiply gate parts as well as complete new gates, we serves customers from both residential and commercial dominions.

We offer high-quality gate openers and at very affordable rates, ensuring the proper functioning of your electric gate, this gate motors are made to fit a solid, grille, interior or exterior gates, the gate automation is extremely important in today’s risk-laden time because it keeps your premises more secure from break-ins, also manual gates takes more time to open or close.

If you are looking to install or replace your existing one to an electrical operable gate you need to understand that the gate opener will act as its backbone and that’s why any compromises made in this regard will affect your electric gate functionality, openers can be installed onto the side or into the center of the spring box they are fitted for electric gates that opened sideways or swinging upwards.

Electric gate motors and operators are also dependent upon the installation type, leaf weightage and power quotient of your gate, that is, if  it swings or slides, does it swing in two pieces or one, and is there AC power nearby your gate, etc this are key issues in determining the kind of gate, opener, power, installation and the gate overall cost, we supply all types of gate motors and openers to fit any gate size from swing arm (both single swing and dual swing), remote controls, key switches, underground Loop motors and many more.