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Perfect Gates is a renowned supplier of automatic motorized gates and offers a wide range of gate motors and operators. In NYC we have been serving customers from both residential and commercial dominions since decades.

The mission of Perfect Gates team is to cater to all sorts of security related concerns of clients as well as making their gates aesthetically appealing, durable and easy to handle.

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Perfect Gates serves as the best and most notable physical protection ensuring platform for the premises of your home, factory, business, mall and parking lot through offering the widest range of top-quality rolling and rollup gates and grilles. You can completely rely on our expertise since we have been serving clients from all walks of life in NYC from about a decade and have sustained a hundred percent track record of successfully conducted assignments.

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Gate-Repair-NYCA steel mesh roll-up gate offers more security than nearly any other closure option on the market today. These gates are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while protecting the contents of your business.

Steel mesh roll-up gates have a fairly small footprint in your store. The roll-up configuration is mounted to the wall of the structure over the doorway and the mesh is rolled up over a bar or shaft, usually behind or within a cover box. The sides can be contained within solidly mounted guides that prevent any kind of prying. And the bottom can be fitted within a counter-sunk groove to further enhance security.

Another feature of these gates that can be used is glazing. This offers a "solid" closure while still allowing full visibility to the store or business interior. This offers even more security while still staying within the bounds of the Storefront Gate Bill for NYC. While you need to keep in mind that the mesh gates are more expensive than solid roll-up doors, they offer greater visibility for you and your employees when engaged and offers more practical applications than solid roll up doors. For more information, please call Perfect Gate at (800) 400-8993